Grace and Hope

Grace and Hope
Wait for God. Wait with hope. Hope now; hope always! Pslam 131:3

Thursday, May 28, 2020

March - April 2020

     March and April is a time period we will never ever forget. We left for spring break on March 5, 2020. We went to Park City, Utah to experience snow and skiing for the first time. The weather was perfect. It was cold enough for snow, but not unbearable. The first day of skiing the kids went to ski school and learned a tremendous amount. At the end of the day, we took them on a chair lift and a green slope. The following day we went snow tubing which turned out to be a bust because a large snow squall made the slope very slow moving. The next two days were planned for skiing. One more day of ski school and one day as a family on the slopes. While I never wanted to go on a ski trip at the start, as the week progressed, I thought I could go every now and again because the kids seemed to enjoy skiing so much. We were even planning future ski trips. Within hours, I hit a patch of ice on a slope and had a traumatic fall, injuring every ligament in my left knee. Our fun quickly came to an end and I can definitely say with full conviction that it will be my last time skiing.

   Not only was this spring break marked by a major ski injury, but it was marked by the COVID quarantine. Upon returning home, we were quarantined to home. We first learned of the Rodeo closing on the day of our return to Houston. On the plane ride home, we watched President Trump give the first of many speeches to come to try and protect the people from this very contagious virus. Week after week, we remained quarantined, homeschooling the girls and rehabbing my knee. While it had it's challenges, it created great family memories and reminded us of what is really important.

    In its worst moments, March and April were the slowest months ever as I rehabbed, waiting for surgery and then started to rehab a second time. Yet, it was also some of the best months where we got to spend a lot more family time together and really have the opportunity to be present all of the time with minimal distractions.

     Nana and Grandpa were already scheduled to visit us right after our trip on spring break but little did they know they were coming to our house to help after my major injury! They both were a blessing to us, helping us in so many ways as I was on crutches non-weight bearing. We are so thankful for all that they did. The kids were spoiled with extra love and attention and we started to get into the new normal which was homeschooling.

   The kids never returned to school after spring break. Instead we were on a mandated lock down. This was the start of homeschooling which ensued until the end of the school year. The kids did great with all the changes and I just marvel at how flexible and smart they truly are.

     Social distancing and "stay at home" mandates made Easter look a little different this year. We were supposed to spend the holiday with Grammy and Poppy and Aimee, Israel, and Tessa, but due to COVID-19, we all were quarantined to our homes. We made the best of it. The kids were very excited to camp in a tent inside (in fact it persisted for weeks on quarantine), for their Easter candy, and for their Harry Potter Lego set and dart board. Of course both sets of grandparents spoiled them lots as well. These kids sure are loved by so many!

March 2020:
Park City, Utah (Spring Break) 2020:

March Quarantine: 

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April 2020
Easter 2020: 

Sunday, March 1, 2020

January - February 2020

A new year - ready or not here we come!
     January seemed to fly right on by. The kids started new activities for the spring. Aubrey started theater and is performing Frozen 2 and Moana Jr and Avery started roller skating lessons. A few weeks later, Aubrey also started in roller skating. They both started gymnastics as well. They are having so much fun and I love seeing them get involved in new activities.
     Avery's cowgirl art work went on display at the Pearland ISD Rodeo display. She received a 1st prize ribbon recognition. Both girls earned straight A's on the report card for the second quarter. We are very proud of them both.
     February was a fun month . We got to visit with our sweet friends Elizabeth and Ron and their adorable kids Kate and Ellie. I cherish the friendship with that family. Valentine's day was another sweet and fun holiday to celebrate in our house too. The girls also enjoyed their annual daddy daughter dance this past month. The girls also participated in the AWANAS derby race and had a lot of fun. Avery made a car that looked like a milk chocolate bar and Aubrey made a car that looked like a hotdog in a bun! Lastly, we had some really fun family time including nature walks, meals together, bake off competitions and watched a new movie in an advance showing. Being intentional about family time is important otherwise life will fly on by!

January 2020:

Happy 5th Birthday Tessa!! 

February 2020

Aubrey had her first theater performance: Frozen 2!

Happy Valentine's Day 2020:  The girls had so much fun celebrating Valentine's Day at school with their friends. We were so lucky to then celebrate a long weekend with our sweet friends Ellie, Kate, Liz and Ron. So much fun making memories. 

Daddy Daughter Dance 2020: 

Go Texan's Day 2020:  

Awanas Grand Prix 2020: