Grace and Hope

Grace and Hope
Wait for God. Wait with hope. Hope now; hope always! Pslam 131:3

Thursday, March 1, 2018

January - February 2018

     Brrrrr....we have had some cold January days. Believe it or not, the kids even had off two days from school due to icing conditions! These are the times we are thankful that in Texas it usually only last a few short days before we get beautiful weather again. Our January and February were pretty uneventful which we are perfectly ok with since typically our days, weeks and months are pretty loaded!
     Our biggest news to share is that Aubrey told us that she was ready to be baptized. One morning she told me on the couch "Mommy, I'm ready to be baptized." I asked her why she thought this and what it meant to be baptized. She proceeded to tell me her heart and it was just so precious. In comes Avery and I share the good news with Avery and her response was: "Oh yeah mom, she told me that last night when we were in bed together." What a special gift to have a sister--not just to share a room with (and sometimes the same bed) but to share your heart with.
    We had our first real "emergency" where Avery's boot (yes we do live in Texas!) slipped on her bike pedal and her chin met the concrete with a vengeance! Thankfully we were able to glue her chin back together without any stitches. She will definitely have a scar, but luckily it is on the bottom of her chin, so it isn't very noticeable.
    Valentine's day is a treat when you have three valentines to love and snuggle with. I was able to join the kids at their valentine's day parties at school and they were so excited to have me there.  I will definitely miss these days when they grow up. But for now, I cherish every minute of them.
    The upcoming months will be returning to our crazy busy times...we enjoyed the break while it lasted!
January 2018:  
Celebrating Aubrey as she declared her desire to be baptized: Aubrey told us that she was ready to be baptized and we met with the children's pastor shortly thereafter. It was evident that Aubrey was fully committed in her mind and her heart that she wanted to tell others that she loved Jesus and that he was the Lord and Savior of her life. After the children's pastor and another pastor joined us in prayer we talked about how there was a big party in heaven celebrating her decision. We asked her what she thought was included at the party and without skipping a beat she answered: fajitas and ice cream. Like any diligent parent, we made sure that we called daddy and said: "meet us at the nearest Tex Mex restaurant where we can celebrate with fajitas and ice cream." We were so excited to share in the excitement.
It just so happened that in all the restaurants in Pearland and Houston that Tessa was celebrating her third birthday at the same place the same night! What a great night!

February 2018: 
100 Days of School: The school districts celebrate 100 days of school and the girls really look forward to making these shirts each year. This is our third year making these shirts and they are 100% kid created! Avery had made two shirts this year because unfortunately the dog ate the first shirt (loaded with candy hearts) and then proceeded to throw up all over her creation! However, the second one turned out just as cute! P.S. My kids dress themselves every day (is that a given!?).  

 Valentine's Day Parties at School:

Just a before school picture: I'm so lucky to be home so often that I can walk/bike the kids to and from school every day. It is hard to believe we are almost through Kindergarten...It has been a great year of learning and so much fun!

Friday, January 12, 2018

November - December 2017

Awww, the holiday season...What not to love?! Having kids make the big moments priceless and even the every day moments seem very special as well. I love seeing the world through the eyes of a child. May we never ever lose that perspective.

The kids are loving school and we love that they love school. They had a great time at the Thanksgiving feast which was a lot of fun to join them at too.
Just before Thanksgiving, Aubrey had to be a brave little girl and get her tonsils and adenoids removed. We all were a little anxious going in, especially since she was having some asthma complications for weeks on end prior, but she was so tough, strong and brave. It was a fairly long recovery, but we were thankful for having all of Thanksgiving break off from school for her to recover.

Thanksgiving: Thanksgiving was relaxing and blessed! We hung out together in the morning and played board games. The weather was absolutely gorgeous so we did some geo-caching at a new park we had not yet been to before. It was nice to find another nearby park that we can walk/ride bikes and explore. Aubrey was still in the thick of recovery so we did get a picture earlier in the day, but unfortunately no family pictures thereafter due to her not feeling well. I regret not having any, but sometimes this happens. We enjoyed our time with Aimee, Israel and Tessa--the food and company was top notch! Do you notice a missing tooth on Aubrey? She was so excited to lose her first tooth. Avery now is at four missing teeth!

Birthday boy: Happy birthday to the most amazing husband and dad on the entire planet! We had the most wonderful time enjoying a fabulous meal on a bucket list restaurant. We are so thankful that Aimee and Israel are so kind to us and watch the girls so we could enjoy a date night out!

December 2017:
SNOW in Houston!!!: SO much fun! I got the kids up early before school and we all played out in the snow. We definitely made memories this day! 

Fun Winter Activities: Making popcorn garland, making hot cocoa mason jars, making cookies, having marshmallow wars--fun is the name of the game!
As a side note: Avery is missing her front two teeth on the top and Aubrey is missing her front two teeth on the bottom. All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth! 

School Christmas Parties:  

Grandma's Birthday Celebration: Every year we make gingerbread houses in memory of gramma. It is a great memory we have from growing up and mom asked to do it every year with the kids and was able to make one each Christmas visit with the kids. It was something we all looked forward to. I thoroughly enjoyed a big, decadent chocolate dessert on her birthday in her memory (which she would have loved to devour with me!). My sweet best friend and her momma (who has always been my second momma) always are so thoughtful in remembering my mom and sent flowers on her birthday.  

Pictures with Santa! 

Christmas Eve Eve Church service and Christmas Eve: We love being with our church family every Christmas Eve Eve and celebrating the birth of our Savior. It is always a special service that we have many memories from year to year. We enjoyed making gingerbread men for the first time to leave for Santa this year.
Christmas 2017:


Christmas visit with Poppy, Uncle Brian, Aunt Aimee, Uncle Israel, and Tessa: So many good times together, lots of love, and lots of spoiling! 
Christmas with Nana and Grandpa:Another great visit in the books! So much fun, so many laughs, so much goodness!