Grace and Hope

Grace and Hope
Wait for God. Wait with hope. Hope now; hope always! Pslam 131:3

Sunday, October 13, 2013

October-Fun For All!

Almost two years—where has all the time gone? I know…it has passed in hugs and kisses, in time playing on the floor, in laughing, in cuddling, in play dates, in water play and time at the park, in time together as a family, in chasing, in holding hands, in singing songs, in teaching, in reading books, in holding two sweet girls…it truly does not get better than that! Every day I am reminded that this time-yesterday, today and tomorrow-are the best times.

The fall is most definitely a fun time of year. The first mark of fall for me is seeing a nearby church setting up their pumpkin patch where I buy pumpkins and fall decorations every year. Fall brings cooler temperatures and lots of fun outdoor family activities. This month we have two fall festivals, two opportunities to trick or treat, and we visited our nearby farm for a corn maze and hayride. The girls really enjoyed the corn maze and it was a special day to spend as a family. Of course, October brings about two very special birthdays too! Talk about a fun month.

This past month the girls have really started to learn how to use their utensils-the fork and spoon plus or minus a bowl or plate. Typically the bowl and plate becomes an item that they can toss off the highchair when they want our attention! Gnocchi sure has gotten a lot of love these past eighteen months! The girls do well with tasting different foods, some food is just a taste with a sour face of dislike, but they typically will try anything. Aubrey definitely has a sweet tooth like her momma and dad while Avery shockingly doesn’t prefer sweets—rather broccoli! Hands down, their favorite foods are fruit, most particularly the berries.

We really have been able to enjoy toddler time at the library recently. It is a good morning activity for us. While they girls still are shy in public and tend just to watch all the silly going on around them, they bring the silly home and we sing songs at home. I think they are too busy taking everything in at the toddler time that they haven’t come out of their shell yet. Their favorite song is the “banana song.” Aubrey will come running to me saying “banana, banana, banana” and want me to do the hand motions and sing with her. Avery says just as many words as Aubrey, but doesn’t say banana outloud. Instead she peels her thumb in the action of peeling a banana which is sign language for banana. Their second favorite song is “row, row, row your boat” with motions. Avery also likes “patty cake” and the “kitty cat” song.  Story time is usually short and sweet, mostly picture books and lots of reading while the kids walk away! The girls also enjoyed their first Chic-Fil-a play group. It occurs every Friday morning, so we hope to take advantage more often. This past week they learned about the moon (and crafted one too!), had tons of fun on the play area and actually sat on the blanket for story time (win!). Aubrey's favorite part was the ice cream at the end and Avery's favorite was the biscuits from the chicken minis.

The girls enjoyed  time at a bounce house for a birthday party for one of their friends. Just five months ago, we were at a bounce house and the girls needed us to carry them up and down the slide. This time, they both were able to climb up the two-story slide on their own. They got the biggest smile on their faces at the top as they saw mom and dad wave at them and off they went…zip, zip, zip down the slide. It was endless fun!

We are looking forward to some more fall activities and of course our most awaited one of all—the TWO year birthday! I’ll post another blog closer to November when I can gather all the pictures from their birthday and from Halloween. Happy Fall Everyone!

I love this sweet girl. She is so big in this picture.

Here we go!

Many thanks to the Auteri family for the most adorable elephant and pig bookbags in the world. They love them. I might have had to bribe them with snacks to get them in the same picture!

They are so cute!
Last day in swim suits and water fun probably for the season. Thanks Amanda for making us so fashionable! Aubrey's cuteness will always make me smile:)

Concentrating, with tongue out and all! Thank you Aunt Maria  and Jim for our adorable outfits--I love them!
I love you princess Avery!

Peek a boo!

First time eating doughnuts...needless to say, they loved them!
Every little girl needs a pair of pink winter Texas nonetheless!
Avery is ready to go out and play!
There are quite a few shots this month with Avery and her tongue out--apparently she is doing a lot of concentrating these days!
Talk about a multi-tasker!
My big sweet girl--I could just kiss her all over!
Daddy and girl time in pj's.
At a friend's birthday party enjoying a yummy cupcake. Meet the new "joker." Aubrey had a red one and by the end of the snack she looked like she went into major surgery!
Aubrey and Avery shocked us--they both went up this two level slide all by themselves and came down it. They LOVED it. We never saw such big smiles. (Unfortunately, Aubrey had a blow-out diaper and we had to utilize our emergency outfit in the diaper bag...thank goodness for emergency outfits!).
Now that's a serious slide. They climb under the car all the way up. Just a few months ago they weren't able to do this themselves...they surely are growing up.
This is what happens when you tell Avery to say "CHEESE!" I love this funny girl.
Still needing to bribe Aubrey with crackers to get a picture! I love these fall outfits on them.
Daddy and his girls on their first hay ride.
At the corn maze.
They had way more fun then they are letting on to! Haha.

Having a blast being the leader.
She is taking it all in. Can you see her little dimple on her left cheek? I love that dimple!
Aubrey--how cute. Hopefully next year she won't need to stand on a chair to see through the corn!
Avery-look here!

Lost in the corn maze!
Enjoying some bbq and ice cream for dessert.
Avery has made so much progress with her fork and spoon this month.
Making moons and learning about it's rough surface at Chic-Fil-a.
In the play area at CFA.

Trunk or Treat event from multiples group. Someone looks like she is hogging the candy bags! Smart!

Sisterly love!

Aubrey thought it was funny to lay on the ground and be silly.
So look who follows her sister's lead?
Tickle monster got Avery.
And these are my kids!! P.S. Where are these children's parents?!?