Grace and Hope

Grace and Hope
Wait for God. Wait with hope. Hope now; hope always! Pslam 131:3

Friday, May 5, 2017

March - April 2017

What a beautiful time of year in Texas! We have had amazing weather these past two months. We have been able to enjoy a lot more time outdoors and swim season has even started! We had lots of fun times in March and April and had lots of family visits, with two special visits, one from Aunt Dee Dee and Uncle Mike in Florida and another from Aaliyah in Arizona. We sure are spoiled.

Some major happenings in these past two months:
*We registered for Kindergarten
*Avery lost her first tooth
*The girls actually like swim lessons this year (hahaha).
*Aubrey has come a long way in learning how to ride her big girl bike (no training wheels). We realize a lot of her fear had to do with her not being able to touch the ground. With a few more inches added on recently, she has more confidence and now she would love to ride her bike all night long if she could!

March 2017: 

Uncle Joel and Aunt Leah visit: We were so excited that Uncle Joel and Aunt Leah could visit us for a weekend. What a treat!!! We had such a great time visiting with them.We were able to have a nice date night (Thank you Aunt Aimee and Uncle Israel for babysitting the munchkins) at a nice restaurant and then went to an 'escape room.' We made great memories from the escape room. I can't claim we actually successfully escaped, but we sure did have fun! We didn't snap any photos until just before they had to leave, so we only have a few to choose from, but we sure did have some good times while they were here.

Dance: The girls both enjoyed another two months of learning ballet and tap. They learned several routines and put on an adorable dance recital for mom and dad with their class. They danced to a song from the show "Cats," hence they all dressed as cats. Thanks to the kids sweet friends, Kate and Ellie, they were well prepared with cat masks from a Christmas gift. It was perfect. It was super adorable from beginning to end. 

Visit with Nana and Grandpa: We had a fun week visiting, most notably having a great time at the Rodeo. This is a yearly tradition filled with good memories, good food and just plain fun! Avery was very brave and was willing to try "mutton busting." For those who were not born and raised a Texan, this is a wildly scary activity where a kid holds for dear life onto a sheep who runs from one end of the corral to the other end. Sheep can be pretty unpredictable and give the kids quite a ride. I was praying the whole time that she wouldn't break anything or end up with a concussion! She surprised us all and tied for first place with a score of 95!!! Aubrey was pretty thrilled that she did not weigh enough to qualify because she had absolute zero interest in getting bucked off a sheep! 

School Picture Day: All dressed up for school pictures! I have to admit, they are pretty darn cute!

Visit from Aunt Dee Dee and Uncle Mike: We were so excited to have Aunt Dee Dee and Uncle Mike come to Texas for a visit. What a treat. We all enjoyed the company. The girls had a blast. The highlight was decorating eggs and making homemade gnocchis! Aunt Dee Dee was so patient teaching the girls, as we remembered grandmom (and great grandmom) as she made these for us a family when we got together. And...they treated us to a date night together...watching the kids and covering the bill! What a treat!!

April 2017: 
Sleepover night with Tessa!  
Easter Fun and Visit with the Family:  The girls enjoyed a lot of spring festival/Easter activities this year. We also had a visit with the family, which included a special guest-Aaliyah (so excited she could be here!). It is so nice getting to see Brian more now that he is only 6 hours away. We enjoyed an adult night out at Top Golf one night and on Saturday we enjoyed eating some delicious food prepared by everyone, most notably some great smoked food from Jason.

Visit with Nana and Grandpa: We got a double visit from Nana and Grandpa with double the fun! One of the highlights was going to Moody Gardens for the day and going to a movie (and mom and dad got a date night!).

See you next month!