Grace and Hope

Grace and Hope
Wait for God. Wait with hope. Hope now; hope always! Pslam 131:3

Thursday, March 14, 2013

March: 17 months

          We are so thankful that February is behind us and that March has been much better for the girls. Starting at the beginning of February, Aubrey started with very high fevers (as high as 105.1F). After ruling out the flu and a urinary tract infection, we were back in the doctor's office 48 hours later with an ear infection and perforated ear drum. Aubrey had her first round of antibiotics (at 16 months—not too shabby!). Avery, who initially was well, also got the very high fevers and congestion, but luckily no ear infection. Just as we thought we were going to turn the corner, both girls started with a GI bug. We cleaned up more puke in one week (times two babies) than I care to ever clean up in a lifetime. I basically quarantined the girls from everyone because they weren’t well enough to do anything or go anywhere and of course we were concerned about others getting sick. While it was the pits being sick, I got more loving and snuggles in than ever before and it was nice to have some downtime with the girls. Thankfully after 4 weeks of being nonstop sick, the girls got healthy at the turn of the month and it is so nice to have two happy, bubbly babies again (With all that being said, I took literally no pictures while they were sick…so this month I have very few pictures to share).
 This month we have enjoyed getting back to normal—playing outside, playing with friends, going out on errands, and loving life. The girls have so much fun just being silly and are so easy and good whenever we go places it makes being a mommy of twins a joy.
The girls are learning every second. When we are in the car, I can say "lets laugh" and they laugh out loud; I can say "lets make noise like an Indian" and they will open their mouths and put their hands over it to make noises like an Indian; I can say, "lets squeal/scream/shout" and they will do that too. It is too cute. Other fun things this month is reading time. When I grab a book and start reading on the floor, Avery will come and sit in your lap and Aubrey will come up next to me and position herself for being held so we can read the book together. If you show them their shirt or their pants or their socks, they know what body part it goes on. And if they see their shoes....well then you better be going outside or you will have two very dissapointed babies on your hands!! If you tell them to find their ear, they will point to their own ear; most other body parts they will point to it on me. However, their favorite body part to show you is their belly button! They both sign please if you ask them to and finally put their cups in a certain part of the highchair tray instead of throwing it on the floor...progress I say!
Our motto this past month is to love much and to laugh often. These two things will give you a happy heart:) 

Book reading time. Thank you Gramma for our new puppy dog book.

Eating snacks at a friend's 1 year birthday party.

Sampling bananas at Sam's club. Notice how Avery loves to smash the banana in all at once (look at those big cheeks!) and Aubrey just nibbles a little at a time. Looks like Avery is eyeing up Aubrey's banana seeing if she can snag it!

Good morning sweet girls! Look how long their hair is getting!
We got a climber on our hands...Avery conquered the picnic table. Aubrey can climb up too, but she just belly surfs on top!
Mom and Dad constructed this picnic table for the girls. Now, Dad has the big job of putting together a swing set...Can't wait!
Aubrey loving the rocking horse-Thanks Nana and Grandpa! And yes...we hang out in our PJs in the backyard sometimes!

Momma and her sweet Avery
Momma and her sweet Aubrey
Spaghetti aftermath!


Avery sharing her socks with Gnocchi. I love the noises she makes after the dog takes her socks at the end of the clip.
Aubrey likes to share her socks too. Listen to her say "doggie" in the middle (after she rolls her tongue). I think she expects the dog to chase after her!