Grace and Hope

Grace and Hope
Wait for God. Wait with hope. Hope now; hope always! Pslam 131:3

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Summer is Here!

Summer time is here, which in Texas, means having lots of fun times in the water to beat the heat! Our favorite activity by far is anything that has to do with getting wet! We seem to fill our days with time in the sprinkler, baby pool, neighborhood pool, or the splash pad. Nothing better than splashing and having a good time!

The girls are also enjoying time in the library. Unfortunately, their morning nap overlaps toddler story time, but we go and have our own sorts of fun, preferably when the library just opens as to not to disrupt the quiet time (wait until you see the videos!). Aubrey has never had an indoor voice so it’s quite amusing seeing them play and squeal in this quiet setting. The girls are enjoying their chunky books most and Aubrey loves books where she can pull the flaps up. Avery loves sitting in daddy’s lap for story time too.
Language is developing by the day—whether it be new words via sign language or verbal language, their vocabulary is just exploding. Every day when Jay comes home I tell him all the new words or developments that they do each day. It never ceases to amaze me that every day there is something to brag about! Right now we are really focusing on learning animal names and their noises. They clearly pick out the ducks and say the word very well and they both enjoy howling like a wolf, “ssss” like a snake, and acting like a lizard. The girls enjoyed their first time at a petting zoo and also rode on a pony (Avery wasn’t such a fan and unfortunately we didn’t get any pictures).

We attempted to change the girls over to an afternoon nap because we thought Aubrey especially was ready. Turned out we couldn’t be more wrong! After a miserable few days, we reverted to our upside down, backwards schedule with a long morning nap and a short afternoon nap. I learned that the saying, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” was ever so true! It might not be convenient for some toddler community activities or play dates, but having happy, well-rested babies is so much more valuable. Any schedule where two toddlers (20 months) sleep for anywhere between 15.5-16.5 hours on a daily basis is a schedule that works for me!

The girls enjoyed their first vacation this month. Our good friends have a Lake House and 20 couples went for a long weekend (some with kids, some without) and we all had a blast. We wish we had taken more pictures, but in true vacation form, we were never around our phones. The girls did amazingly well and enjoyed their first boat ride and playing in the sand. We felt like we had to pack our entire house for just four days, but it was a nice get-away for all of us. Looking forward to many more vacations to come!

My favorite and most memorable times this past month is all about sister sweetness. One of the evenings when we were attempting the schedule change, I was at my neighbor's house and Aubrey was really having a tough time from being so off her normal routine sleeping patterns. Jay was having trouble calming her, so his only solution left (outside of calling me) was to put Aubrey in Avery's crib for their first sleep over. I came home and we stood outside their door, smiles wide on our face, laughing as we heard the girls having a great time with their sleepover! It finally dawned on us that we should try to video these sweet moments. The videos are a little rough and might make you a little sea-sick at times, but worth watching. These are the moments that moms with multiples get to cherish. Hearing them giggle together makes my heart happy. My other sweetest memory from this month is when the girls were nearing nap time and Aubrey was wanting some cuddling so I wrapped her in a blanket and was smooching on her and I was telling the girls it was time for their nap. Both girls did "night night" in sign language. I asked Avery if she could give Aubrey a kiss, and she did, right on the forehead and they giggled and giggled. I asked Aubrey if she could give Avery a kiss, and she did, this time on the nose, and they giggled and giggled. Six times they went back and for, kissing each other all over the face and giggling like it was so much fun. I realized that the memory would be forever etched on my heart because at times like that, you just can't plan to have your camera rolling! Sweet girls, sweet memories.

My Favorites Pictures This Month:

Having the time of her life--playing in the pool and going on the slide.
I couldn't imagine anything more sweet.
Milk, momma, milk!!
Having fun, loving life.

(Attempts at Father's Day pictures!)

 Other Summertime Memories (lots of water pictures):

I love this little squinty face and how she wrinkles her nose.
Fast as can be, you can't catch me!
Ready, set, go!
Mommy, I want you to hold me!

Want some?
Action shot: Here I go!
So precious.
Waving HI from the swingset.

So much FUN!
Waiting at the pediatrician's office.
Check out Aubrey's sneaky smile!

I got my bucket and I'm ready to go.
Check out those full cheeks--I'm not a preemie anymore!
Fingerpainting with our friend Alex.
Mom, isn't this what I'm supposed to do?
Avery, in action, saying "noooo, noooo, nooooo!"
Who knew the water hose would be so entertaining!
Pure beauty.
Enjoying some indoor time at the library. Thanks Nana for our cute outfits.
Why does my sweet girl look so grown up here?!
Back at the splash pad!
Avery pullled up her swimsuit up bikini style showing off her cute tummy!


Petting zoo fun.

Attempts at Father's Day Pictures....Got some cute ones, but they weren't going to hold up the D-A-D letters like I anticipated! And...I might have had to bribe them with cheerios to get them to sit still!!!

My baby looks so grown up here:(
Sisters being sisters!
Avery is such a big girl in this picture too!


Guess who wouldn't sit still!?

Little mini brain freezes!
Aubrey's indoor voice at the library.

Love this!
Together time in the crib at night (the picture quality isn't great, but the sound is!). Notice the difference in how they sleep....Aubrey throws out all her blankets and Avery hoards them all in the crib. Avery was not thrilled when Aubrey threw out the last blanket and she nearly tries to crawl out of her crib to get it. I find it entertaining that Aubrey continues to carry on, having a great time!