Grace and Hope

Grace and Hope
Wait for God. Wait with hope. Hope now; hope always! Pslam 131:3

Friday, September 19, 2014

Get in the Picture: July-September 2014

"Get in the Picture" is all about being in the picture instead of always being behind the camera. It's about showing your children that we were right beside them in their moments. In the future, it gives them the visual memory of their mom and dad at that age in their life. I want them to see the love in my eyes and my hugs in every passing day and picture. Some pictures might not be as flattering and some without make-up or my hair looking pretty, but truth be told, in the end that doesn't really matter. What matters is our presence. What matters is the smiles on our faces. What matters are the memories.

We had a lot of fun times in July, August and September. In July, the girls loved having a "party" (Fourth of July) and playing with a bunch of their friends in the back yard, just good ol' fun. They both got their first haircut (I was one proud momma on how well they behaved) and enjoyed their first ride on a camel (got to love Chic Fila!). August was a great month visiting with Gramma, Poppy, Uncle Brian, Aunt Aimee, Uncle Israel and Nana. There was a lot of love and spoiling going on in the month of August!

I decided it was time to get another set of professional pictures and boy am I glad I did! The pictures came out adorable. In some of the pictures, they were dressed in the dresses that I hand-sewed for them. In other pictures, they were wearing coordinating outfits that reminds me of how special their relationship is for one another--Best Friends is no understatement.

We went on a family vacation this year to San Antonio. We stayed at a Hyatt Regency Resort that had a water park with lazy river on site. It was perfect because honestly the number one thing the girls wanted to do any time of the day was go to the pool and play at the beach (go to a different vacation spot and they want to do what they could do in the neighborhood!). One of the days we enjoyed some time at a Kiddie Amusement Park which was absolutely perfect for their age. They loved it! I was so excited for them to eat their first funnel cakes--they were underwhelmed. They were way more excited about their first taste of Ketchup to dip their fries in (Thank you Daddy!).
We did one day at Sea World. I loved watching the girls faces as they were watching the shows (they were really captivated). They really loved the penguin exhibit, as penguins remain Avery's favorite animal. We saw all the shows, including the pet show which had a Bichon in the production and the girls were so excited that Gnocchi was at Sea World too! I looked forward to creating memories of family vacations--family time doing special things--and it was such a blast. Can't wait for our next one!

Some favorite things:
Favorite Songs: Avery - Itsy Bitsy Little Spider   Aubrey - Happy Birthday
Bragging Rights: Avery - Counts to 10      Aubrey - Says ABC's
Favorite things: Avery - Hello Kitty, Penguins, her baby with bottle and blanket     Aubrey: Mommy's Bear, baby with two blankets, a 3 ft Curious George
New sayings: Avery - "This is inside out." "Treat, I want a treat for going on the potty" (and she holds up both of her pointer fingers at the same time)  Aubrey - "Mommy, you be careful with that knife." "Mommy, oven hot, hot, be careful!" (Aubrey likes to play "mom")
Favorite Animal: Avery - cat (because of Hello Kitty of course), penguins    Aubrey - Pig (from Charlotte's Web)

Here are some pictures from July-September. Enjoy.
Fourth of July 2014:
A zillion attempts at a family picture and this is as good as  it gets!

Silly faces!
Stick out your tongue!
All the faces I adore.
Some smiles, some interested in something else completely!
I love this photo. Real life fun.

First Haircut (July 2014)

My beauties.
Loving their lollipop treats for being so well-behaved!



Smiles, fun and cuteness in July: 

Pam and John always spoil the girls...but they absolutely love these dresses from Hawaii. They wear them at least 3 times a week!

My girls love to help me bake. 
Action shot.
Thanks Kelly for these pretty dresses--they are adorable. 

Avery cheesy smile.
Who doesn't like licking the beater?
Doesn't every 2 year old ride a camel?
CFA had selected "assistants" to ride with younger kids...Hold on girls!
August 2014: 

Birthday breakfast with mommy just before heading to the pool.
Someone is ready to go!
Getting four to look at the camera is quite the challenge!
Leaving for date night for mommy's bday.
Enjoying cupcakes for mommy's bday.

Enjoying another birthday celebration--you can never have too many right?!

Gramma and Poppy and Uncle Brian & Nana visit in August:



Fun times in August:

They loved hibachi!
Fun at the beach!

Mommy and Daddy 10 year anniversary celebration (August 21, 2014):

Professional Photos (August 2014: 34 months):

Midei Family photos:


Do you love how the girls are holding hands as much as I do?!

Many thanks to Liz for the beautiful crosses.

September 2014:

Labor Day visitors at work:

The helicopter was a special treat.
That is one excited girl!
If only you could hear the laughs.
 San Antonio and Sea World Vacation:

Avery steering the helicopter kiddie ride.

Way more excited at their first taste of ketchup tahn their first taste of funnel cakes (one day they will embrace the funnel cake with mommy, no doubt!).

Riding in the blue airplane was Avery's favorite ride.

Ready for a fun day on vacation!

The sweetness is overflowing!

Annual NICU Reunion at the Children's Museum :

Shopping at the food store.

Playing outside at the waterworks area with daddy.

Avery's face is priceless!

Avery was on a roll with her facial expressions!

Fun days in September: 

Bible lesson time.

Enjoying a special treat from a friend.
Loving their treat.
Yes, we actually go to the park looking like this!!! Eek!

Every much fun! So blessed!