Grace and Hope

Grace and Hope
Wait for God. Wait with hope. Hope now; hope always! Pslam 131:3

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Mother's Day, Father's Day and So Much More (April - June 2014)

I have always been a person that loves and adores babies. Whenever there was an opportunity to love on a baby, I was that person. Toddlers...well, I just viewed them as sort of exhausting! While I miss the baby stage dearly and I will never forget the feeling of being able to nestle both babies so close, this toddler phase is the light of my life! Who knew that something so exhausting could be so much fun!? Piggy backs, jumping nonstop in the bounce house, constant water play, hugging (or is it lugging!?) both in tow from place to place and endless talking is way more fun than I imagined!

Seeing the girls learn and grow has opened my eyes to God's amazing creation once again. He never ceases to amaze me. Their physical and language development is through the roof. It is life changing to be able to have a rational conversation with the girls-who knew that we would finally approach the day when you could explain yourself and they would understand and respond! Their physical development is shocking at times...Aubrey climbing to the top of gym equipment, both girls climbing out of her crib (um, no thanks!), and the first stages of swimming. It has been truly a blessing to watch both Aubrey and Avery's grow up.  I often refer to Aubrey as a sweet momma (she takes such good care of her babies, more times than not, they are twin babies!!) and Avery as a sweet sister (she takes great care of Aubrey, shockingly so!).

Here are some of our favorite things we did this spring:
-Splash pad and pool (this should be listed multiple times because I feel like we are always having some kind of wet activity!)
-Park (they roll with the big kids now!)
-Library (actually, I'm convinced if my kids are ever constipated, take them to the library because without fail no matter when I take them, both have poopy diapers at the library!)
-Baking, baking and more baking!! They absolutely love baking with mommy, licking the beaters and of course eating the end result!
-Running errands. Yes, I'm one of the few people that actually enjoy running errands with my kids. They make everything more fun!
-Playing outside (while momma sweats!)
-Crafts (play-do and painting are high on the list)
-CFA (who doesn't love playing in an air conditioned play ground and eating chicken nuggets?!)
-Play dates (everything is better with a friend!)
-Celebrating Mother's day (picnic) and Father's day (water day) is always a hit

We started swim lessons in June and notice that they did not make it to the list of favorite things!  Let's just say that the lessons were somewhat of a crying/screaming challenge. The girls actually love the water and do what they learn at lessons, but they do all this while crying/screaming at the same time. By the end of lessons I was happy with the skills they learned and was so ready for the drama of lessons to be done with! Despite all the traumatic crying that took place, they still love the water.

In May, Jay and I got to celebrate our 10 year wedding anniversary a little early (who doesn't love cooler weather?!). We went to a luxury resort and ranch and it was AMAZING! It was a getaway of a lifetime with many memories. It was a great time to spend time together while the girls were under great care at home with the grandparents.

Enjoy the pictures of some of our special memories over the past few months.

April 2014:

Thank you Jean for our cute shirts and bows. Just a little "cheesy" personality for you!
My luvies!
Cheesy Smiles!
We are so lucky to have such a beautiful back yard. We have everything a little kid could want. A swingset,  bounce house, water table, chalk, bikes, balls, mini splash pad etc. We spend the cooler days in the backyard having a blast. I also had to take advantage of getting some beautiful pictures in April while the flowers were in season.   
I love these beauties.
Avery loves making this face for pictures. She cracks me up!

Pictures in Easter dresses. The dresses were specially made for each daughter from mommy. Lots of love and care went into these dresses.

"Mom, these flowers keep touching me!"

Momma and her baby.
Momma and her big girl.

The girls look so different from each other but this picture's profile shows their similarities. 
One of my favorites.
Such a sweet girl. Love from the inside out.

Always scrunching her nose-I love it!

My big girl all grown up. Filled with joy and love from the top of her head to the tip of her toes.
We went to our first Crawfish festival.

Crawfish Festival:

Chic-Fil-A Easter Egg Hunt and Festivities:

Happy Easter sweet girls.

At least daddy is paying attention!
Old McDonald Farm Family Trip:

Daddy and the girls feeding the animals.
Pony ride.
 Crosspoint Church Easter Egg Hunt:
This is our version of a family picture!

 Easter morning 2014:

My beauties!

 Splash Pad, here we come!

May 2014:

She is my spitting image as a child.

Ice cream in hand--couldn't be happier!
Mother's Day 2014 (Picnic and Church):

I always love my Mother's Day picnic tradition. Jay spoils me with all my favorite foods and treats and we enjoy a family picnic together. Nothing better than good ol' family time with good food;)

This was just the appetizer tray! I'm so spoiled!
Priceless! Jay framed this for me as my Mother's Day gift. Nothing better than this!
Look at those long legs


Fun days in May:
Zoo time...look who's on the carousel this time around?!

Snacking and loving all at the same time!
Getting ready for a princess party.

Sneaking in a little snuggle time.
Grandparent visits:

Gramma and Poppy, Aunt Aimee and  Uncle Israel had fun playing and loving on the girls while Jay and I galavanted on our 10 year anniversary celebration. Nana and Grandpa visited shortly after for some family fun too.

Our 10 year anniversary trip: Dos Brisas

Arrival to destination...10 year anniversary here we are!

Umm, yes, just a litle bit spoiled!


Beatiful sunset, amazing God-honoring husband and a wonderful night together, I couldn't ask for more.

Who doesn't like having this view right outside your bedroom?
A romantic dinner in our room, fireside.

June 2014

Father's Day 2014 (Water play and Church):

Our traditional Father's Day celebration involves a day of waterplay. We started off early enjoying  BBQ at a new, popular place in town. It is so popular there is always a very long wait. After 90 minutes waiting for our food, we enjoyed some pretty amazing BBQ. We then had two days of waterplay this year. We tried out a new splash pad/park that had Noah's ark and went to a waterpark with the girls on a different day. It was nonstop fun.

While waiting for BBQ, I entertained the girls with CFA nuggets (brilliant!).

Daddy and his girls.

These next few pictures make my heart melt:) This daddy is truly blessed!

Other activities:
A fun outing -on a train ride. 
We made the big switch to toddler beds. Avery ready to go night-night in her Hello Kitty bed.

Aubrey ready to go night-night in her Mickey Mouse bed. 
What a cutie!

And...that's a wrap. See you all in a few months!!