Grace and Hope

Grace and Hope
Wait for God. Wait with hope. Hope now; hope always! Pslam 131:3

Sunday, November 6, 2016

September - October 2016

     The fall is our favorite time of year. It comes with so many fun activities! I appreciate the fact that we still have some beautiful warm days in the fall and Jay appreciates the fact that every now and then we have some beautiful cooler days. We get to do some of our favorite activities in the fall like visiting the pumpkin patch, going to Froberg Farms for fall activities, celebrating the girls birthday, Halloween activities, and our annual trip to Jellystone. This makes for one happy family!! I love these memories with the kids each year.
     The girls are enjoying school. They are really ahead of the curve now with being older in the class. They surprise me every day with the things they are learning or with their writing skills. It is really neat to see it all coming together for them. This fall we did another class of dance and also started soccer. Soccer was a real treat because it brought back so many memories. The girls continue with AWANAS and we love the program. They memorize a bible verse a week in addition to completing other activities. It is amazing how all these things combined are growing up our kids so fast!
      The big highlights for October was the girls birthday. We had plenty of fun with family and they loved having a gymnastics party with their friends. Another highlight was Jellystone. Not only did we have fun with family and friends, but now we have two girls that can ride their big girl bikes (no training wheels). Such great fun!

September 2016: 

Serving Together as a Family: One thing I really am excited about is serving together as a family. I want our girls to know that they can be the hands and feet of Jesus, right here in their own community. I hope that we can participate in local outreach projects as much as possible in all their years that they are living under our roof. One day we will make it to Haiti, but for now, we will serve Pearland! One Saturday morning we were at a meal packing event where the girls got to help fill bags with grains, seasonings, beans and so forth. They also decorated boxes that the food will be shipped in, to bring a smile to little children's faces. I loved this day!

Sports and Activities: The girls are getting active these days! Avery is starting to enjoy basketball in the backyard and doing anything that daddy is involved with. Aubrey LOVES dance (perhaps an understatement!). They both are starting soccer for the first time. Avery is very excited about soccer, Aubrey not so much! However, we are trying it for a season then Aubrey can make up her mind! This season has been a lot of fun as they are finally more coordinated and physically developed that they are more entertaining! 

Our Neighbors are the best neighbors anyone can ask for. Not only are they lovely people who we truly appreciate having next door, but they love the kids too! They gave us a date night one evening and in turn planned a really fun evening with the kids. Everything from making slime, decorating pumpkins and baking cookies. I think they all had a blast!

Pam and John gave us a great recipe to make "Goo!"

October 2016:
It's Pumpkin Season!:  We LOVE Pumpkin season!!! Fun times here in the Thomas household!

Good times in October:

I love this picture!! Sisters with their arms around each other, even at soccer practice!

Visit with Poppy: In October we got an extended visit with Poppy (secondary to Hurricane Matthew chasing him away and having the opportunity to watch Tessa while Aimee and Israel went on vacation). We had all sorts of fun! Cotton candy making, dress up, birdhouse building and painting, playdough, jewerly making, fun at the park, bike riding, funnel cake making and so much more!
Tessa visited us for the week while her mom and dad went on vacation. We had so much fun together. The girls LOVED it.

Visit with Nana and Grandpa:

Aubrey and Avery Turn 5 Years Old!!!: What a great birthday!! All the family was in town so we enjoyed their actual birthday, on Friday, at Froberg Farms. We did our annual trip to the corn maze. Avery was really good at finding her way, while Aubrey enjoyed someone holding her as she was really struggling with a terrible cold! We also enjoyed our first time wild flower picking at the farm. We came home with some beautiful flowers to enjoy. Of course we can't leave the farm without getting some delicious kettle corn too! On Sunday we had a gymnastics birthday party. 20 kids having the time of their lives! Everyone had a blast. The girls were so excited about the party and of course the presents!

Happy Halloween!:

 Check out this beautiful school picture: