Grace and Hope

Grace and Hope
Wait for God. Wait with hope. Hope now; hope always! Pslam 131:3

Monday, November 2, 2015

September - October 2015

Fall is the best season of all in Texas. It means cooler days with lots of outdoor play, it means eating dinner on the porch and watching the kids do what little kids do--run, play, shout and giggle, it means pumpkins (from picking pumpkins, to hayrides, to cornmazes, to eating pumpkin pie), it means a very special birthday celebration for two princesses  (along with daddy's at the end of the season), it means an annual Jellystone trip, it means a season of Thanksgiving...and so much more! There is so much fun to be had when you are 3 going on 4!
The girls are really enjoying school. They focus on a letter each week. It is neat hearing them tell stories about what kids are bringing in for "show and tell" that starts with the letter of the week or about interactions with other kids. Avery has really developed from a speech perspective more recently and she tells me paragraphs of happenings after school. However, the teacher knows the girls well and knows that Aubrey is the speaker of the house! No fooling her! Their teacher, Mrs. Beheshti is very complimentary of their behavior...makes a momma proud.
The girls started in Awanas this year and it will extend the school year. It is a children's ministry program (Approved Workmen Are Not Ashamed--AWANA) that has just blown our socks off with the program and content. It is buckle down time for momma because they have three homework assignments every week, but it is exciting to be learning right along with them! We will be learning a verse a week along with other key concepts...Good stuff! We all are really liking the program.
Aubrey has recently been diagnosed with asthma and after an initial difficult start to treatment we are over a hump and will hopefully be more stable long-term. She will continue on an inhaler twice a day to keep symptoms at bay and then use albuterol as needed for exacerbations. She has made a phenomenal improvement in her exercise endurance and just day to day living. We have made so much progress and it is good to see her improved quality of life!
We love the month of October with our annual trip to Froberg Farm's corn maze, celebrating the girls birthday, our (second) annual trip to Jellystone for trick or treating (and spending time with some great friends) and Halloween. The entire month is just fun, fun, fun! Wait until you see the pictures! I sure have plenty to share!

September 2015: 
When did she grow up so fast?!
Testing out our new umbrellas for the "almost" rainy day!

These girls love to be mommas. 

These girls love to bake. Avery is really into all the steps...Aubrey is mostly into the eating part!
Hat day at school!

Making our first pumpkin pie (the easy way from a can!).

Different day, different recipe, more fun (yes, we bake ALOT!)
It's pumpkin season! The girls are so excited.

October 2015:
It's officially pumpkin season-our favorite time of year! October is chalk full of fun activities and memories .


The girls at AWANAS, dressed in their cubbies uniform.

We were so lucky to care for Tessa while their mom and dad went on a mini getaway. Tessa was perfect and the girls LOVED having Tessa in the mix. They are so sweet, loving on Tessa. She sure does love all the activity and attention!

The three kids are ready to go to the park!

Gramma was so excited to get the girls these beautiful Elsa dresses for Christmas last year (2015). I had to get a few more precious photos of them in the dresses before they grew out of them. 

Morning talk over kolaches and donuts!
I got my flu shot...Did you!?!
Annual Trip to Froberg Farms: We love our memories from Froberg Farms. In the spring, we love to pick strawberries. In the fall, we love to go for the corn maze and other activities like duck races and planting strawberries.



Bayou Wildlife Park: We had a field trip to the Bayou Wildlife Park. At times, it was similar to Jurrasic Park and at other times it was comparable to a life size petting zoo. Entering in the park, animals approached your car, very similar to Animal Kingdom in Disney World. Then you have the opportunity to enter the petting zoo with goats and pigs while you wait for your tram ride. At this time, deer approach you for petting. It is a little surreal. Then you go on a tram ride, nearly 45 minutes of marveling at God's creation and about 2-3 five minutes spurts of "please don't eat me" moments! Large ostriches, buffalo, and other animals I don't even have names for approach the tram for feeding and you hold your bowl of food with clenched hands as these 100lb + animals are nearly in your lap! It is frightening, exciting, and crazy all rolled up into one. The day then finishes  off with a pony ride. We had a fun time picnicing at the park and we were one of the few people who didn't get their lunch "stolen" by deer! Win for this momma!

Birthday Fun!: The girls had lots of fun time celebrating the big 4!!

Double Trouble!

Birthday party at school complete with CFA!
Birthday party at school.

Opening photo memory books of Gramma. Avery's smile is priceless. She commented that this was her favorite present!

My little cowgirl!

A special birthday visit from our favorite neighbors on our birthday!
 Birthday Party and more:




I can see Avery as a 16 year old already!
Twilight the Clown came for face painting, games, magic and making balloons! It was a hit.
 No surprise, they both wanted to be Elsa!


Beautiful day for flying a kite! It was a birthday present and we had the most wonderful weather to make it happen!

Fun on the Farm at school: Learning about the farm at school and what better way than to do it with activities. From train rides (pulled by a tractor), tractor races, planting and picking vegetables, to a petting zoo to a pony ride---all in a day at school!!!
Love these dresses from Nana. Sporting their birthday cowgirl boots!

Avery has a basket full of vegetables!
She looks like a natural!

Sisterly love!
Jellystone: Our second annual Halloween Jellystone trip! We just LOVE our time here because the kids can play all day long and evening, it is so safe, and it is just good fun! This year a tropical depression blew through during our visit, but we were determined to have a good time in anyhow. W made sure to get in S'mores on Friday night before the ground got wet. On rainy Saturday, we still had fun times. Aubrey really wanted to go swimming in the rain--so that is what she did! We splashed and jumped in puddles, they rode their bikes in the rain, we had ice cream sundaes, and the highlight was trick or treating. The kids had a blast despite the pouring rain! While the weather wasn't perfect, we still made lots of memories!

We didn't want to get their pretty Elsa dresses dirty in the rain, so we resorted to their Batgirl costumes. They can give you a pretty furious Batgirl face...Watch out!

All warm and cozy snuggled up with each other. Best way to take a break.
Aubrey was a bit under the weather, but still had a great time.

Trick of Treating activities and Halloween: The girls love Halloween! Between dressing up, running around and free candy, it is definitely a fun holiday for kids!