Grace and Hope

Grace and Hope
Wait for God. Wait with hope. Hope now; hope always! Pslam 131:3

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Fall Fun!

October…what a month to remember! It has been my favorite month so far-so many fun memories. We kicked off the month with planning and celebrating the girls ONE year birthday party with family and friends. I loved every minute of creating one special day for two very special girls. On October 21, 2012, many more special memories were created as we dedicated our girls to the Lord at church. We made a vow to God that we will raise our girls with Christ at the center of everything. We rounded out the month with celebrating fall and Halloween. We had so much fun creating memories and capturing some of these special moments on camera for everyone to enjoy.
We just love seeing our girls develop their funny personalities, full of so much fervor, love, and giggles. Their joy simply overflows from their hearts and smiles to mine…nothing better than that! Aubrey continues to make strides in motor development and has just recently started being more feisty and stealing toys from Avery now…it is quite entertaining! Although, I can assure you that Avery is not very keen about Aubrey taking over "her" world. Avery continues to amaze us with her physical development as well. I have no doubt that we have a climber on our hands. Her new favorite thing is climbing and jumping on the couches, but most especially loves when we play peek-a-boo popping up behind the couch. Her laughs are priceless. The girls gab quite a bit now and when it is nap time, they communicate for almost an hour sometimes just having a blast gabbing back and forth in their cribs. I love watching them on the video baby monitor seeing and hearing them have the best of times together.
Both girls enjoy breakfast, lunch, and dinner—preferably foods that they can feed themselves…and of course, they want to feed themselves the bottle too. We are just starting to transition to sippy cups for meal time to hopefully eliminate bottles sometime in the near future. I’m not sure I will know what to do with not having a zillion bottles out and about (maybe it will be replaced with a zillion sippy cups!). The girls favorite foods are cheese, cheerios, hot dogs (don’t ask how I know that!) and strawberries. The girls continue on breast milk only and most likely will until 18 months or so.

The girls have some favorite times of the day. Early in the morning, they love waking up to see a smiling face on mom or dad.  After breakfast, or any time of the day really, they absolutely love being outside. Their new favorite thing is cruising in  their new Radio Flyer Wagon from Gramma and Poppy. Late in the day, they just love playing in the bathtub . They love to get wet, splash around, steal each other’s wash cloths, and get squirted with bath toys. To wrap up the evening they love the play time after dinner with us a family of four. They have a blast usually jumping on mommy or daddy, furniture, or squealing as they go from toy to toy. Nana and Grandpa sure have spoiled them with lots of toys to choose from! The girls simply find joy in just about anythingJ

Best TWO picture of the month:

(It seems to be a constant struggle to keep anything on Avery's head--can you tell from these pictures?!)

 Look how much we have done this month:

Catch us if you can...we love climbing stairs!
Thanks Nana for keeping us warm on the day we had a cold front...our hooded sweaters are beautiful. Aubrey is making farting noises in this picture.
Grandpa calls us the "Pink Jedi"

Rocking on my guitar.

Thanks Diane for our cute fall outfits...We like to help momma with the chores.

One year pedi checkup.
All smiles...until they saw the sethoscope!
Thank you Rose Family for this wonderful picnic basket...we love playing with it outside.
Gramma--these outfits are so cute!


Baby Dedication: October 21, 2012

 Aubrey is grinning from ear to ear int this picture!
One proud mom and dad, dedicating their children to the Lord.


Fall and Halloween 2012

LOVE that my sister (and her wonderful boyfriend) now live in Houston so we can enjoy them both and they can be part of the girl's lives. Aimee and I enjoying the fall Halloween festival in the neighborhood.

Momma and her baby pup!

Aunt Aimee with sweet lil Avery.

Momma with her two cuddly pups...asking for three to look at the camera at one time is a long shot!

Bounce house time!
Israel with his two favorite pups. Israel gets an award for climbing in with me amongst boisterous children cranked up on sugar.
Hold on...we might get bounced on out of this contraption!
Momma and her sweet big Avery.
Aubrey's first cotton candy.
Avery's first cotton candy.
WEEEE...or so it was supposed to go!
Eating scooby snacks while mom and dad wait in line for funnel cakes and corn dogs at a community Halloween event. get 5 shots...count them 5...and then we are done!
Aubrey wants the big pumpkin!
More fall if we didn't have enough already! Love these smocks from one of Jay's coworkers-Janeatte.

Pumpkin Pictures: 

The girls are looking a little hungry!

Watch this...

Avery is very unsuspecting while Aubrey starts to grab onto Avery's pumpkin...
A little push here and a little push there....
This can only go one direction from here....
Daddy--come save me...I've fallen and can't get up!

More to come next month!!