Grace and Hope

Grace and Hope
Wait for God. Wait with hope. Hope now; hope always! Pslam 131:3

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Happy TWO YEAR Birthday and Halloween Fun!

Two Year Birthday: October 14, 2013

There is nothing sweeter than spending so many hours together with your sweet "babies" on their special birthday. It was a day that I was frequently reminded of how blessed I am, of how happy we are, of how healthy the girls are, and the dream that we are living. The girls loved every minute and it was so nice to enjoy part of the afternoon and the full evening with daddy too.

Our day started out with breakfast and fun at Chic-Fila:
Enjoying play time at CFA. Sisters talking back and forth to each other. My heart melts.
 We then went to the pumpkin patch (lots of fun!):
Mommy, look at this big pumpkin.
Picking our favorites.

My lovies.
My mini munchkin!
One of my favorites!

Making cupcakes together for the first time. I have a feeling this will be a new fun activity!

My Double Trouble!!
Everyone takes a turn mixing, and sometimes we do it together!
This brings back so many memories of Aimee and I growing up.

Someone is trying to get every last bit!

Spending time with our sweet neighbors. Pam spoiled the girls with gifts and a visit. John spoiled them with a delicious cookie cake (I have to admit, we reaped the benefits from that too!):

Opening presents with mommy and daddy:

We then enjoyed a wonderful visit with both sets of grandparents. Aunt Aimee and Uncle Israel spoiled them with love too.

Funny faces, but it was a way of getting them both in the same photo!
Grandpa hanging out with the girls. They are trying on their new bike helmets--any guesses what they got for their bday?!
At the Houston Zoo with the family. Don't think we can get all three of us to look at the camera at  once!
For the girls second birthday, we celebrated at Centennial Park. It is a wonderful park for all ages. Despite it being cold (71!) and windy, we all had a good time. They had so much fun playing with their friends and I was so thankful for all those that could celebrate.
And...let the party begin!! 
Pushing the merry go round with our friends Bella and Jean.
Uncle Israel entertaining the girls while the Midei family rests!
My silly girl.
They loved this dizzy spinner.
Avery looks so big as she walks back to the pavilion with Aunt Aimee.
Spin me uncle, spin me!
The family had a great time playing with the girls so we could visit with our guests.


Uncle Israel helping us get the candles lit with all the wind.

Time to sing "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!"
First juice box--someone is spoiled!
Two chilly gals.
Nomm, nomm, nomm.
Time to open presents:

Do you notice that Avery is stuffing her cupcake in over a long period of time? Not Aubrey, she is like a vaccum!
Back to playing:
Nana with Avery.

Do we look a little chilly?!
Playing with our new paint.

What more presents??  But of course!!!

Initial reactions to seeing the bikes. They were so excited.
Aunt Aimee and Grandpa helping the girls learn how to ride their bikes.
Gramma showing Aubrey her new book.
Poppy, let me show you my laptop!
Grandparent spoiling.
Aunt Aimee and Israel spoiled them with lots of fun bath toys. Avery checking out her new goodies.
Nana and Grandpa will be having some stylin' grandkids.
Aubrey loves this new etch sketch board.
Beautiful dresses from Aunt Maria and Uncle Jim--wish we could celebrate with them too. Our girls are going to be the best dressed in town!
Grandma spending time with Aubrey.
Lucky enough to capture Nana with the girls.
Dinner at Bucca di Beppos with the family after a fall festival. The girls were pretty tired by this point in the weekend!

Stats from their two year check-up:
Aubrey Hope: Weight 22 lbs (2% ile); Height 32.75 inches (21%ile)
Avery Grace: Weight 23lbs (6%ile); Height: 35.5 inches (88%ile)
At least I don't have to worry about all our Chic-Fila play dates!! At this age, they probably will be the similar to Jason and I as kids--xtra slim! Looks like our Avery is going to be tall like daddy.

Fall Festival Fun...

Tickled by the feathers!
Two angels not so thrilled about their halos.
Blurry, but the only frontal shot of them both!
Quite angelic.
My baby.
And there they go!
Celebrating halloween at the library. You would think stuffing them into a rocker would be a fool-proof plan for getting them both in a picture in their costumes, but in all 12 pictures I took that day, one of them is climbing out. Still shots are a thing of the past!!
My angels.
Trick or Treat 2013: Little Hokie Fans!
The girls really enjoyed trick or treating. We went with our neighbor friends, Annika and Alex. We started out walking house to house and ended up shuttling via the wagon towards the end. We went to nearly 20 houses then came home and handed out candy. Avery was really good at diving in and out of the wagon at each house and navigating her way up to the front to put candy in her bag. Aubrey was fixated on her first blow-pop lollipop. While she was happy to put candy in her bag, she didn't quite have the same enthusiasm as Avery did. For never really tasting candy before, those girls were begging for candy that night (who wouldn't?!? We all had a fun time and it was a memorable first trick or treating.
I LOVE sisterly love!
Give me a low five Avery!
Here you go Avery.
Avery is smart--she takes both bags! She is ready!


It's time to get ready for the next holiday:
Every little girl needs a Thanksgiving turkey shirt!!
These were fun to to seek out a Christmas sewing project.

 *I'm going to start writing the blog on a 2-3 month basis instead of monthly. I'll plan to write after the holidays. See you Jan. 2014!